Ch D'Gani Tidal Wave, CD, RN x Ch D'Gani Liza With A "Z"
Tori, Ch D'Gani Victoria's Secret                          DOB 7/11/06(retired)

She is 22" and 42 lbs. She finished with 3 majors and won breed over specials. Thank you Kaz for finishing her so quickly! All health testing complete and normal. CHIC #57543

Ch Brighton GQ x Ch D'Gani Heat Wave, TP
Nikki, Ch D'Gani Who's That Girl(retired)
 DOB: 09/25/06

She is 23" and 47 lbs. Nikki finished her championship as an 11 month old puppy. She was awarded 3rd place at the Nationals(PCA 2007) when she was only 7 months old. All health testing complete and normal. NE clear CHIC #55358


Ch Brighton GQ x Ch D’Gani Heat Wave, TP
Olivia, Ch D’Gani Bewitched At Maier 
DOB 01/20/08  (retired)

 She is 22” and 42 lbs. Olivia finished with all majors and was specialed as a puppy on the January Florida circuit and went BOS everyday to a top winning BIS special!

Thank you Kay Peiser! All health testing complete  and normal. NE clear. Olivia lives with her owner and I am the co-owner.

Ch Brighton GQ x Ch D’Gani Heat Wave, TP
Bette, D’Gani Better Than Ever    (retired)
DOB 01/20/08

She is 22” and 42 lbs All health testing complete and normal. NE carrier.  CHIC # 65003

Ch D’Gani Urban Cowboy x Ch D’Gani Liza With A “Z”
Carly, Ch D’Gani Coming Around Again
DOB 6/08/08  (retired)

She is 22” and 38 lbs. Thank you Kaz for showing her to perfection. All health testing complete  CHIC #71576   Carly is co-owned with Liz Newby in Illinois, but she lives with me.

Ch Avion Turbulence II x Ch D’Gani Reflections In Red
Danielle, Ch D’Gani Dark By Design 
DOB 12/19/08

She is 22” and 45 lbs.  Danielle, the 1st time in the show ring was awarded 2nd place in the 12-18 month class at the nationals, PCA 2010. She got multiple group placements over specials during her short show career. Thank you Kaz Hosaka. All testing complete and normal. CHIC #71582

Ch D’Gani Bold & The Beautiful x Ch D’Gani Liza With a “Z”

Fergie, D’Gani Feralicious   DOB 12/27/09

She is 22” and 43 lbs  Fergie had 9 points before she turned a year. All health testing complete and normal.  CHIC #

Ch Tree Tops’ Rhythm Time After Time x D’Gani Better Than Ever
Diana, Ch D’Gani Iconic Princess Di
DOB 4/10/11

She is 23” and 44 lbs. Diana had a fantastic puppy show career! She got 14 points, 4 majors, 2 group 1’s and a group 4, all by the day she turned 11 months old. Thank you Kay Peiser & Lindsey Grienels for doing such a wonderful job with her.  All health testing complete and normal, NE clear



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