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Welcome to D'Gani Standard Poodles! 

AKC Breeder of Merit 

We specialize in AKC registered, inky black & white standard poodles. Since the early 1990's D'Gani standard poodle puppies have been making poodle lovers very happy!

Breeding our beloved standard poodle is a “labor of love”.  It requires lots of time, money, patience and hard work to produce a puppy that is worthy of being championed & bred. Not every litter will produce better than the parents and it is up to me and other quality breeders to decide which puppy to continue with.  

I consider myself one of the “Caretakers of the future of our breed” and take this job very seriously.

All of our litters are carefully planned and all of our poodles are completely health tested before they are bred. 
Since a dog is a living creature, there are no 100% guarantees you will never have a health issue, but purchasing a puppy from healthy,  fully tested parents is an advantage you really want to have.  We check Hips (OFA), Thyroid (OFA), NEwS, Neonatal Encephalopathy (OFA), Eyes (CERF), von Willebrands disease (vWD) and Sebaceous Adenitis (OFA).

Our goal is to produce healthy, happy, fun loving, intelligent, beautiful poodles that are a pleasure to live with for the show ring and loving companion/performance homes.

Diane W Trigani                 AKC Breeder of Merit 

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